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Pixellation Error
I'm having a problem rendering one of my afterburns. It doesn't seem to be a step size issue as I can change it from 25 to 0.001 (lowest value) and it makes no difference. I have had this problem before but thought it might be something to do with Realflow particles. This scene does not have any realflow particle and just uses a ParticleArray. My scene scale is unavoidably very large (the sphere emitting these particles is at 176000 units). Has anyone had a similar problem to this? I thought I would check before I spend hours finding the cause or a workaround.

Here's the problem:
[Image: PixellationError.jpg]
These clouds should be smooth.

Any help appreciated.

3ds Max 9 x64
Windows XPx64
Afterburn 3 with latest update
This 'Pixellation' doesn't occur on the same Afterburn if it's attached to PFlow system rather than a PArray. ????

If your scene is huge, than we might seen a floating point roundoff errors.
Can you please send me that file for checking at mailtoConfusedupport@afterworks.com to take a close lok at it ?

Thank you


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