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PostSim doesn't work - FumeFX 4
Hello, I am trying to make a simple maxscript which would launch wavelet simulation after the default sim is done. I figured I could use PostSim event to launch Wavelet sim. Unfortunately, it seems that PostSim does't work? Simply printing messages from PostStep work properly but I can't get any code running from within PostSim function. Am I missing anything?

This is my debug code for checking if PostSim works:
fn PostSim = (
    print "PostSim"

But like I mentioned earlier, I am not getting any results.
Senior VFX Artist @ Foundry 42 UK

Thank you forthe report - we're investigating why PostSim and other calls are not working.

In the meantime you could create script such as:
$.SimMode = 0

Hope this helps.

Kresimir Tkalcec

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