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Export preview During Sim... only works with local sims
Hello all,

I would like to export previews every time I run a sim, including networks sims. So far, all is well when I sim locally but if I submit the same scene to my render manager (Deadline), It seems that this functionality is disabled. I'm assuming it has something to do with enabling "backburner mode"??? Can someone please confirm whether this is a "me" problem or not. If in fact "export preview during simulation" is not possible for networks sims, has anyone found any good workflows or workarounds. I have a great workflow for sending sim variations to the farm quickly and efficiently but my workflow comes to a grinding halt if I have to open up scene files a create preview one by one. :SMOR


3DS Max 2016
FumeFX 4.1.1

Please let us know if you have the preview images path in the UNC format ?

Kresimir Tkalcec
Thanks for your reply!

Yes...I can confirm that my output paths are all UNC. see below:

$.GetPath #default
$.GetPath #preview

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