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FollowField Bug
Hey, I found a bug when applying a Followfield to particles. If you select both the FumeFX grid and your particles while creating your Followfield, the fieldDataVelocity from the FumeFX grid doesn't get connected to the inputforce in the Followfield. You can of course connect this manually in the Connection Editor, and it works fine.

- I found this bug when I upgraded to Maya 2015. It worked fine in Maya 2013.

i just had experience the problem with FollowField in maya 2014 too,

so i had to disconnect and reconnect again to make it work...

this would be great if you could fix it asap!

same here.

Thank you for a bug report - we will look into it.

Best regards,

Kresimir Tkalcec
Guys are there any updates on this?

It all works fine here on Maya 2013, Maya 2015 and Maya 2016.
Make sure to select particle and FumeFX grid. With both selected, choose from the FumeFX menu/Particle Operators/FumeFX Follow Field.
In our case, all connections where correct and follow field did follow velocities from the caches.

Kresimir Tkalcec

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