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Couple of feature requests for whenever!
Heya Kresimir,

I'm back using this for a few shots on a short film and it'd be great to get a few extra features for the sea surface:

Number one big thing - Built in mapping coordinates on the wave surface to avoid top projection smearing.

Higher resolution in the wave map - an extra iteration or two would be great.
Allow negative frames in baking of foam maps so you can have a full amount of foam on from the start.
Access to the foam itself in the sea foam shader so you can do things like colour correction / blurring to control the "spread" of the whitecap
Something like grant adam's tension map would be great as a method of controlling the look of the water between the crests and flat surfaces - maybe some sort of AO map for the squeezed in areas?
Some kind of whitecap selection would be great so you could birth particles or fume on the tips too (Although this'd be suicidal to feed into pflow)


Should be a wee test up in about an hour - http://www.vimeo.com/28011529

Would be great to have the pre-roll so you don't see the whitecaps start off.
Seperate render / viewport rates for sea surface subdivisions too - more intuitive than the viewport degradation, especially with the adaptive mesh.
Hi John,

Thanks for the wishlist.
As for the SSurf mesh mapping - it's already there. It's not working for you ?

Old thread... but I was dabbling in DS some again. (DS was the first 3d plugin I ever bought. Always enjoyed it... but been using Vue for last couple of years for landscapes; but I'm getting a little annoyed with E-on's new license server policy change, so experimenting with what I'd miss if dropping Vue).

So here are a couple things I would like in DS to add to the list:

Terrain Modifier: Apply to any Editable Poly to use the Epoly as the base of the Terrain. This way you can sculpt the general terrain inside Max but then apply the various effects like erosion on top. I can imagine it would be a nightmare to force it to work on a Teapot>Epoly... but the realistic scenario is a Plane>Epoly+Sculpting.

Terrain Editor:
1) Ideally, Allow user to use a brush in the viewport to sculpt the landscape and/or Mask.

2) Add some new selection Tools: Select by Material ID; Select By Smoothing Groups; Get From Current Sub-Object Selection.

3) Overlays: It would be nice if the terrain editor had an overlay for things like Sea Level, cloud layers.

4) Allow the sculpt in X/Y/Z instead of just Z. With that, allow loading normal maps instead of just heightmaps.

1) Represent each cloud layer in the scene with a Helper Node that an artist can select and move. This node should have direct access to all of the parameters a cloud layer has in the current Atmosphere rollout. The exception is that the Altitude should be controlled by the World Z of the node in the scene. This will be far easier to manipulate and translate idea into the scene than the current method in the atmosphere editor (for example, the simple act of placing a Localized Cloud would no longer be so tedious by typing in X/Y positions and rendering over and over to test the position in the scene).

2) Cloud Dummies: One of the most useful features (to me) in Vue is the clouds. Being able to place and create clouds (and cloud clusters) easily would be really nice. Perhaps it could be a simple cloud object that then has extended abilities when Afterburn is installed... giving some incentive to buy another product...

3) Add some support for adding extra control to the cloud generation and textures with texture maps.


The main problem is that the materials don't preview in the viewport. I would love to have the materials display in the Nitrous viewport.


I'm sure there are more. I just wanted to revive this thread and add some food for thought. I know dev is all into Fume. But Dreamscape is one of those tools that has always offered some really cool creative possibilities. I think that with a little love, it would get more hype. I have spent a few thousand dollars on Vue over the last several years. I definitely would have put that money into Dreamscape instead if it was moving ahead some and adding some more ease-of-use features.
Shawn Olson
USD Product Owner for 3ds Max & Maya @ Autodesk
Developer @ Wall Worm and Black Mesa
Hello Shawn,

Thank you for the wishlist.
I really appreciate it !

Best regards,
Kresimir Tkalcec

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