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Afterburn and Mental Ray

Does Afterburn work with Mental Ray? Thanks!

At this point we do not have a mental ray shader for AfterBurn.


ok, thank you! Any chance a shader is being worked on and will be released for use with Mental Ray? If not, what render engines are typically used?

Afterburn is great but my only options for rendering in 3ds Max 2010 right now are either the scanline or mental ray renderer. The scanline renderer, although decent, can be limiting in terms of render quality of the whole scene when using Afterburn. I didn't know if people just stick with the scanline render engine when working with Afterburn or resort to purchasing addtional render engines compatible with Afterburn.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!

To be honest, writing a shader for mental ray takes time and there is not so many interest from users in buying additional rendering licenses. I can suggest finalRender for which out tools have a very good level of integration.

Ok, great! I will take a look in to Final Render. Thank you!
Now that Nvidia seems to be stepping up it's five year ownership of Mental Ray by adding new MR materials in Max 2013, I think MR will become the choice renderer for Autodesk software users. (Along with Arch and Design materials, Max 2013 offers MR Autodesk Metallic Paint, Autodesk Metal, Mirror, Plastic/Vinyl, Stone, Water and a host of others. There's even an extensive Autodesk Material Library in 2013 that renders in MR and Nvidia's IRay, but is not even supported by Max's own scanline renderer.)

Currently I use V-Ray to render Afterburn but I also lean towards Chaos' Phoenix FD. But now I see Fume FX is compatible with MR so I'll have to look into working with Fume FX.

Wouldn't it be nice if Afterburn and Fume FX both were compatible with MR so I would not have to jump from renderer to renderer. The logistics here are costing me a fortune in the ever changing world of 3D SFX.

And since Autodesk and Nvidia seem to firmly be heading towards MR, wouldn't getting that MR shader for Afterburn seem like THE move to secure the product's future in 3DS Max?

I wish it is that simple as writing a complete AfterBurn shader that works under mental ray would be pretty close to writing another plug-in. Even if we do it, it would hardly pay off as there aren't many studios that require using mental ray with AfterBurn. I won't say that we will never do it, but for those reasons, AfterBurn/mr shader is not at the top of our priorities.

Thank you


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