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Initial State workflow - richardlp07 - 06-29-2020

Hi, thanks for an awesome plug-in !!!

What are the steps for using an Initial State - how do I bring up the floater menu. I cant find it.

- Floater Menu > File > Load initial state



Re: Initial State workflow - richardlp07 - 06-29-2020

I found the answer. The "set Initial state file" is located under the "Start/Continue Simulation" option wheel icon. Its the button you push to run a sim.

Re: Initial State workflow - sitnisati - 07-02-2020

Hello Richard,

Thanks you - pleased to hear that FumeFX works well for you!
With the next update it will be possible to Use .vdb and .fxd for initial state as well.

Kresimir Tkalcec