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Feature request
Hi Afterworks team,

First off, thank you for a great product! Fume is my new favourite soft, it's amazing!

I have a little feature request..
Could it be possible to be select multiple objects in the Objects/Sources/Spacewarps box and change the SpeedMultipl. value for all of them at once? if you have a lot of objects its a pain to go through them all. From what I'm told, this is not exposed to maxscript either?


Found at Scriptspot:

Rollouts for duplicating and managing multiple object sources since you can't instance object sources (because you can only have one object per source) *Can duplicate object source and assign objects to selected geometry automatically *Optionally add new sources to fume grid obj/src list *Contains all functionality of the object src modify panel

Installation/Notes: To create object sources from a set of geometry, you first need an object source in the scene, and need an object selected in it's modify panel. *This is a current limitation of fume, and I will change the way this works when fume supports it. After you have an object source in the scene, open the rollout and click "Select Object Source", then select the object source to use for duplication. After that, select the geometry you would like to use as object sources, and click "Add Selected to List" Then click "Do It!" You should now have an object source at the center of each of your selected objects, it should have the object it's centered on as it's object in it's modify panel, and it should also be linked to it's object. You can optionally select a fume grid for the script to add all the newly created sources to the src panel of fume when you click do it, but it may not work properly in Fume 1.0a (hence the reason it's optional). I've tested it in Fume1.1 and have not recieved any errors yet... The other rollouts contain the funcionality of the modify panel for an object source. It works based on selection, so whatever sources you have selected will automatically change when you change a parameter. If you make a new selection, there are buttons for applying the current settings to the new selection. Also note if you have one source selected, and have the modify panel open, you will notice some of the settings don't visually update until you reselect the object, but this is just a visual thing, not a problem in the script. Tested on Max9... should work in all versions.
Thank you stefan, but I want to be able to change the objects, not the object sources..

Mathias, this issue has been brought to Kresimir's attention (i requested at the least to have script support for this) but it doesn't look like it made it into Fume1.1, so looks like we'll have to wait.
ok, thanks Solitude for the confirmation..


I will add that MXS option into the first next update.
If you have any other MXS wishes, please let me know.



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