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Using Text
It has been about a year since we used FumeFX and have been pleasantly surprised by the improvements over the initial version.

I was trying to use text generated in max as my emitter for my source object, but it fails to generate anything, same if I create a line the convert it to editable poly.

Is there anything in particular that needs to be done to text to make it useable?
Using FumeFX 1.1 and Max 2008 64bit.
best regards,
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Hi ,

NOp nothing to do special .. just usual method to transfert spline to mesh is required : Extrude modifier is one..

you can also use a matterwave or whatever to born particles on the mesh and etc.. it all works fine here..

attach a simple file example ( standard max 9 File)

hope this help and glad to hear you like the software Smile
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Actually all i needed to do was turn on mapping coordinates.

Popped into my brain the second I woke up from sleep today.

Thanks for the help.
We make things crash and burn........

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