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Good example: Candle Flame
Can anyone point me toward some good settings for a candle flame in Fume? I'm sure other would find this helpful, too. Thx!
Have you looked in the Help File? Smile

Quote:Tutorial 1: Candle Flame
In this introductory tutorial you will learn how to use FumeFX at a basic level. It will also introduce you to the FumeFx UI.

In 3ds Max, select File->Open, and from your /Scenes/FumeFX/ Tutorials folder, select the file Tut_01_start.max.
Sorry, should have made that clear. My bad! Smile

Anyone have any *other* examples of candles? No offense, but I don't find that example very realistic, and doesn't do FumeFX justice. I was curious what other tweaks to a candle flame people have tried. Thanks!

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