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example scenes?
I use 3dsmax 7 so I'm not able to open the example and tutorial scene since they are in max 8, does any max 7 scenes exist?
Hi ,
When you purshase the plugin , you get access to a Member Section for downloading files.. I just doubled checked and they are Video tutorials files for max 7 , max 8 , max 9 32 and max 9 64 bit their as well as All the examples Scenes for each versions with their proper installations scene files..

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Thanx RIF

I will reinstall FumeFX with the install for 7 (the one I didn't have)

When I bought mine the links were from turbosquid, and the installer for max 7-8 is in one installer file (what they did is rename the installer for max 8), and in that one the files are in max 8

So I will reinstall with the max7 installer will let you know if I can open the files.

EDIT: Ok they work, big thanx

by the way the uninstaller for the 7-8 installer from turbosquid, doesn't delete this line in the plugin.ini :

Afterworks Common=C:\Program Files\3DSMax7\Plugins\Afterworks\Common

but now I have my max 7 scenes and I am very grateful big thanx RIF

I will reinstall the fumeFX SL license on my other machine to, since the installer I had was for 7-8 to, maybe that will solve my DR problem (that I told you about at cgfluids)

EDIT2: I get the duplicate line when I uninstall SL and reinstall the good one. (due to the fact that the installer was for max8 and not max 7-8)

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