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AfterBurn Max9 64-bit Installer
FYI when I installed Afterburn Max9 x64, the installer could not find the plugin.ini file (I assume because this now resides in the user's local settings folder)

Not really a big deal, workaround is to copy the plugin.ini to the max root, run the installer again and repair, cut and paste back to the max user settings folder or edit manually.

Also the installer points to the 32-bit Max9 installation by default instead of the 64-bit Program files folder.

BTW great job . Many thanks for your hard work, it is greatly appreciated Big Grin

Hello John,

Autodesk created lots of trouble to developers with 3ds Max 9 - new OS, new compiler, new SDK, new installation tools, new installation paths, and so on.

We didn't have such a problems with installer, probably because we have set folders back to old max style before making installers.
We will definitely look into our installers and we'll try to fix - if possible.
Thank you for feedback !


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