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Light smoke how-to
Hi all,
how to make some lighrt smoke ?
like some paper burning...(see jpg please)

The default FumeFx smoke is way to big/heavy.
I tried making a smaller emiter and zooming in but it's not quit convincing.
What are the proper parameters for lighter smoke?

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Max 2021 + FumeFX 5.1.2 + RTX3090
Hello Fabrice,

You could play with the Smoke opacity AFC to create thinner strips.
Another option is to use Fluid Mapping with noise map that will stretch throughout the smoke.
Third option is to simulate smoke and then create lots of particles and advect them through the grid and then you'd
render particles only, probably with motion blur to create streaks.
Best regards,
Kresimir Tkalcec
Thanks, I'll try.
Max 2021 + FumeFX 5.1.2 + RTX3090

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