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Collision accuracy?
Loving FumeFX! I'm messing about with a ship rising out of the clouds, but it looks like there's a bounding box around the object. Is the any way to improve the collision accuracy?
Hi, Have you tried changing the voxel size value? You can access this parameter under the collision object tag. The online manual says:

"Voxel Size Scale - For an object that does not require a lot of detail in the simulation, user can reduce voxelization resolution. Higher Voxel Size Scale means less memory consumption."

So my guess is try lowering the voxel size value of your simulation. Also check the relative scale of your object to the scene. I can only imagine that scene/object size has an effect on the simulation.

But these are just my guesses. Id love to hear from someone that really knows

Keep us updated
Yeah tried that – it's set at 1.0 as the lowest value in the tag. Was hoping I could reduce it further but you can't. I've tried lowering the overall voxel size for the sim container, too, but the collision offset doesn't seem to change.

Also tried increasing the sim substeps as well – no major difference.
I'm bumping this up in the hope that someone from SitniSati can help!

I suppose that the problem is that the smoke is pushed far away from the top side of the geometry ?
If so, you might decrease the Collision object speed multiplier and see how it behaves.

Kresimir Tkalcec
Okay, I had to increase the speed multiplier to get it to move the smoke properly, but will try again.

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