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milky water..whats going wrong?
Hi All,

I've followed several tutorials online but seem to be getting similar results all round. the water appears too milky or almost metallic. We cant seem to figure it out. I wondered if it might be a gamma issue as the example water i see being used in the material slots are always darker than what is shown in mine. I've included screenshot of my materials, surface settings & Gamma.

can anyone cast any light on what might be going wrong please? I've posted a render on imgur. I cant seem to find a tutorial that matches our system settings to be able to follow.

i did a test and the milkyness disappears if vray is off and scanline renderer is on. but we need vray. does anyone know the correct vray settings?


thanks in advance


If you right click on the Sea Surface and under V-Ray properties disable Cast/Receive GI, it should render as with Scanline.

I hope this helps.

Kresimir Tkalcec

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