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Alpha and AE Compositing Issue
I created a fire and smoke effect with Max2016/FFX4.0.2. For testing I used a plate in the Max Environment channel. The fire and smoke composite nicely within Max.

If I render the FFX on black as TGA and export to AfterEffects the alpha channel is not adequate to give the same results as the composited render I achieved in Max. Also, but this might be the same alpha problem, but I've lost some (orange) color from the fire and the overall looks yellow.

Files attached for discussion.

I tried adjusting opacity for both fire and smoke which also altered the appearance of each.
I tried using pre-multiplied and straight for the export and import.

The TGA image format has an option for pre-multiply alpha, so maybe it's something about that ?

Kresimir Tkalcec
No, I tried the TGA alpha variables. No luck.

I did find an old post that recommended using "luminescence premultiply" in AE. It did work, but it would be nice if FFX created the correct amount of alpha within MAX. When I check alpha in a rendered image within MAX all objects have the correct alpha levels EXCEPT FFX rendered effects. They appear to be less than half of the luminescence of all other objects in the render.

Any way to bump up the luminescence of the alpha channel only within the FFX UI?

It is already possible to make the alpha channel thicker.
As an example, you can increase the fire opacity by factor 10 and reduce the fire Color by 10.
Result will be the same, but alpha will be much thicker.

Best regards,
Kresimir Tkalcec
Ok. I will try that. Thanks.

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