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Dreamscape 2015 Version
I've installed multiple times and all the files seem in place, but nothing is available in Max 2015.
The Plugin.UserSetting.ini file reads:
Additional MAX plug-ins=C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2015\PlugIns

Do I need to manually add something?
I had similar issues with 2013.

What I did was copy everything found in plugin.ini located in the 3DS Max root directory, and pasted it in after any text already there, located at: "..\en-US\plugin.ini". Basically there's a plugin.ini file in the language folder (of your choice) that isn't updated by setup.
Yeah, thanks for the reminder, it's been a while.
Still, I haven't found the correct text to make it work.
It seems after all this time the installer would have been fixed to do this automatically.

Edit: Ok, did get it minutes after the first post, I was putting the directory under an [Include] text, instead of in the [Directories] text.

Sorry for this bug - installer is fixed now and it should update plugin.ini located in the language sub-folder.

Thank you.

Kresimir Tkalcec
Hello, SitniSati.
Today I found the same problem, Max 2015 doesn't see anything after setup and "..\en-US\plugin.ini" does not contain appropriate records. I solved this problem as described above, by copying the necessary strings from the root "plugin.ini".
Try to check the file you offer to download.

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