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Afterburn for Clouds -scene scale makes all white
Hi all

I follow the tutorial that comes with afterburn for making clouds, and all turns out good. However if I apply the same techniques on a scene with display units and system units set to metric m (metre) and use a gizmo box of 40000m (40km), I get all white clouds. Adjusting the shading parameters and the color parameters hardly has an impact and the clouds comes out just about 1 colour (as specified in shading parameters) without much detail or shadow detail. Adjusting the noise animation changes the "shape" of the clouds, but does not do much for the look, feel and shadow detail (colour variation) of the clouds.

Any suggestions?

Best Regards,
Hmm, I never experienced exacly what you're describing but from my experience it's a very bad idea to use AB in real world scale - for clouds at least.
As soon as you get your particle size in hundreds of meters, you have to set the density to very very very low value to make the clouds look not like a solid object. Unfortunately the lowest value you can enter in UI is 0.001.

Once again a need for a "micro" switch next to density value Smile))

My advice is to scale down your entire scene, to about 1000m by 1000m (maybe lower) - AB will work much easier this way.

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