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MaxScript access to AfterBurn - possible BUGs?
Sorry for multiple angles but I didn't get a reply from Kresimir nor from Sitni Support (what's with you guys??) Sad

I'm writing a script for cloud layer creation using AB and I encountered
a couple of problems:

1. These properties seem to be read-only or even not connected to the scene parameters (Macro recorder shows them, so does showproperties, you can check their value using script, but changing their value doesn't change the value in UI nor in the scene. However the newly inserted value gets returned when checked through script???):

2. I couldn't find these commands for MaxScript (not in manual, don't show up in macro recorder):
- ShowinViewport = on?? - I only found the vptGeometryType
- how to select render engine - Render_type isn't working
- how to select shading type?
- is there a way to get a list of lights (daemons) used by AB (I can Add and delete but can't see the actual list of objects)

Please please please someone talk to me Smile
Hi Filip,

I remember that we had similar problems with FumeFX mxs for few parameters.
It seems that 3ds max compare several characters from the start of a name, so it seems we'll have to change those parameter name as well.

RenderType - now I see that we have a duplicate entry.
Show in VPT is not exposed - will change that.
Daemons/light, etc.. canno't be listed.

If you need any other mxs functionality, please let me know and I'll be happy to add them !

Thank you !

Please tell me Kresimir if you got my mail - I don't want to be stuck in your spam filter.
(if you know what I'm saying :lol: )
Got it, thanks ! Smile

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