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Feature request / POLL - density micro mode
Anyone who's ever tried making clouds in AB for his scene had this problem. The clouds' size is ussually in kilometers but even the lowest Ab setting 0.001 gives very thick clouds.
The solution for this was rescaling the scene so that the clouds were a couple of meters in diameter instead.

But rescaling the scene messes up other parts of it - so we end up with separate scene for separate passes Sad

Would it be possible to have a checkbox next to density spinners tha would enable "micro mode" - basically telling AB to take any value in these spinners and divide it by 1000 or even 1mil before passing it to the shaders?
-- who would like to see that?
-- is it possible at all?
That would be possible.. I'll give it a thought Smile


I have a similar problem. Quite often I have to create large fires and smoke clouds. No matter how many tutorials I follow the settings have to be completely different due the scale of my scene.

- Garry

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