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Updates - FumeFX 1.2, AfterBurn 4.0b, DreamScape 2.5e
Dear users,

I want to inform you that the latest updates are available for download through our members area.

Some of you were probably aware of the saga around installers, so we have decided to go with our own installers.
By using our own installers, instead of default ACAP installers, users will benefit the most.
New installers combine both 32 and 64 bit version of a plug-in and options provided are automatically selected
based on the operating system. Since we have automated a whole process from product compilation to
installation creation, it means that users will be able to get minor updates more frequently.

Since these are completely new installers, you must remove old plugin first.

Here is a list of changes and fixes:

What's new in FumeFX 1.2

+ new: mental ray shader - included local rendering only. Network rendering will require additional licenses.
+ new: availability of stand alone rendering libraries for Windows and Linux.
+ new: max script access to shader's AFC and Gradient controls
+ fixed: if using same cache in multiple grids, some might fail to open cache.
+ fixed: Fume FX Follow operator crash fixed
+ fixed: FumeFX_TP.dlo crash under max 2009
+ fixed: Fume FX Follow operator for Particle Flow bug fixes
+ removed: simulation on hard disk
+ fixed: max2009 64bit - FumeFX max script dialog failed to reopen

What's new in AfterBurn 4.0b

+ fixed: Object shadows are now listed when you write inside MXS listener : show $
NumSubs() now returns 2
+ fixed: accessing AB Shadow Map via MXS, resulted in system exception
+ fixed: AfterBurn's metaball HyperSolids render bug fix
+ added: Shadow Map will now display a name of the light for which it's built
+ fixed: Noise PW crash fix
+ fixed: The AfterBurn Wind and VMap Daemons' rollout didn't appear in the AfterBurn UI when you select them in the Source Particles/Daemons window.
+ fixed: black spots with Octane Shader

What's new in DreamScape 2.5e

+ fixed: Vray assert error.
+ fixed: max 2009 x64 - filters didn't work properly.
+ fixed: when scrubbing clouds PW, max could crash.
+ fixed: With adaptive SeaSurface. Rendering new foam after changing wave directon, the foam didn't fit.
+ fixed: Terra editor crash on texture map paint after changing segments value.
+ fixed: pixelization of clouds.
+ fixed: DS preview window crash under 3ds max 9.

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