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crashes with noise preveiw windows open
is anybody else getting lots of crashes and hangs when the noise preview windows are open in the AB rollout.
this has been a real pain in the ar#* forever and still seems to be buggy as.
Anybody else getting similar troubles???
any workarounds?

thanks in advance.

AB 4 by the way.
yes i m having similar instability when using AFC curve under 2008 x64 bit .. we need to reproduce and report so please , try to attach some small scene simple and some steps , they will go in the bug tracking and hopefully sitni Sati will take a look as soon as possible..
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I've tried to crash it here, but it was solid.
There are some thing that migh be problematic and I'll re-code them.
Please send me an email later next week and I'll send you an update that will hopefully be stable.
Just let me know what 3ds max version you need it for.



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