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AB4 and TP3 - transfer particle rotation
Can TP transfer particle rotation (or scale) to AB?
Like through AB operator in PFlow?
NO, it cannot. This is a HUGE limitation when working with Afterburn & TP -- no orientation and no spin. P_y_r_o_cluster has a simple switch to enable "Use Orientation" -- I know there's a little math but this should be easy for Sitni, and it would be a million times easier than us trying to convert three alignment vectors into euler rotations...

I sincerely hope they can address this very, very soon.

For scale, same thing -- P_y_r_o has a switch, but ABurn has no switch. You can store the particle scale to a data channel in TP, and this works. Doing this for rotation sucks immensely.

Sitni.... please, please, please enable Orientation and Scale support for TP...

Hi guys,

This is added to the wishlist. I know that current procedure is a pain, and
we'll try to make it simple.


bounce sigi bounce sigi bounce sigi bounce Smile))
thanks, Kresimir, this would be a HUGE help, thanks

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