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FinalRender+AB4+multiple lights=crash
Ok, this one will probably be hard Sad

http://uploaded.to/?id=fqsc4n Max2008 64bit, Vista 64

Simple scene:
- particles with AB
- one spotlight with AB ShadowMap
- one Omni with AB Shadowmap
- FinalRender R2 as the renderer

If you render right now, it will be OK.
Add the omni as a second light to AB, render, and boom Sad

- doesn't always happen,
- doesn't happen if only one light uses AB Shadowmap, and the rest uses Raystrace with Atmospheric shadows On,
- happens only with FinalRender - Scanline renders fine,
- sometimes it gets "fixed" if you add the second light, switch to Octane shader, render, switch back to Raymarcher.

Hope you'll be able to resolve it together with Cebas, though I know it will probably take long Smile
Can someone ( not in the Beta of Fr) try that Scene in Non Vista ? i recall you told me that crach a whiole back filip and Cebas Adressed it internally .. just want to make sure its still fixed ..
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Kreso, please tell me someone is looking into this Smile
Hello Filip,

I was not able to get that file. Can you please email it directly ?


Ok, sending it now.

I actually had to recreate it and stumbled upon a new discovery - the particles have to be from PFSource :o
I'm having the EXACT same problem. I get crashes during renders at random but once a scene starts crashing, i have to rebuild it and do render tests for each frame to make sure it doesn't crash again.

One solution I found was to turn multithreading off under the rendering tab in 3ds Max's preferences. The crashing stops, but rendering takes A LOT longer for multi-core systems. So I'm only using one of eight cores so it goes 1/8 as fast. Pretty lame if you ask me.

I get these crashes with 3ds Max 2008 and 2009 32 and 64 bit under windows XP and Windows Vista 64-bit. Rendering using Scanline and Brazil.
These crashes may be part of multithreading. I have been in contact with support for a couple of weeks.They used a sample scene I made to make a patch. It should be available publicly soon.
Can't wait.
I have been following the other thread to Smile
Any word on the patch?

Thanks Smile
I get the same error "In file '.\EXPLODE.CPP Line: 7355"
I don't know if it would help the dev team but the same scene crashes on one computer and renders really slowly on another one, but still renders, with mutlithreading set to ON on both machines.
the computer that crashes:
Xeon X5355 2.66Hz 8GB of RAM (8 cores)
the one that can render it:
AMD Proc 275 2.20Ghz 2.35GB of RAM recognized (4GB installed, though) (4 cores).

Is there a solution/workaround to that crash yet?
Fixed with AB4.0b Smile

Congrats Sitni

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