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Buggy Parameters
Hello, All -

I'm trying (very hard) to test-drive the demo of FumeFX! I really like what I've seen so far but one thing is driving me crazy. Every couple of minutes the FumeFX parameters keep returning to their default settings! I'm in the middle of one of the tutorials, I switch to another panel and "hey presto" all the settings are reset. Even the flame colour switches back to white!

I don't know if this is a deliberate "feature" to stop people taking advantage of the demo but it's starting to leave a nasty taste in my moth.

Incidentally, I have read the thread elsewhere which mentions similar behaviour after saving a scene. In my case the parameters are reset (at regular intervals) whether I save or not.



PS. I'm running the demo in Max 9 on a Windows Vista (32bit) machine.
its deliberate ..

if your worry if that happends in the full version , well dont worry !

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Rif -

Pheww. Why didn't someone say so? I thought my machine (or FumeFX) had gone nuts!

Thanks for putting me straight.


if you want to minimize this behavior in awaiting to get the full version , you can desactive 3dsmax "autosave" function , cause max Always save regularly no matter whether or not you press save..

Kreso already answered that somewhere in here.. just dont remember witch post..
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