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Afterburn combustion

We are using afterburn combustion with perlin marble for a 3d texture to create a volume inside a sphere gizmo. When there is camera motion the texture appears to be animating. With no camera motion the texture stays still. Is there a way to control this effect?

Thanks in advance

check your coordinates, maybe switch it to world rather than object

hold on I'll make a scene real quick, I've developed a few cooler ways to create depth with the density slot with ab combustion..

http://www.allanmckay.com/scenes/scenes ... bcomb1.max

I've used noise and clamped the high and lows to get some interesting effects.
I did something similiar for the movie paycheck where there's a big flame when the gun fires inside the barrel.
Thanks Allan

That setup is very cool indeed. I like the way it creates the tendrils. Its just the look we were trying for. The interior environment of a microbe. Any advice for scaling the whole effect down and keeping the same look? I think we will be picking up some of your teaching materials.

Thanks again


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