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Question about FFXGrid

I understand that the effect will only be calculated within the area covered by the grid, but I have a question.

If you have a character moving across a wide area, should you cover the entire area with the grid, or is it safe to link to the character as long as the effect fades fairly quickly?

Or is that a no-no?


my experience with linking the grid is a No go ..

u get Much more Expected behaviors when the grid is Linked to World Axis and isn"t Moving ..

Fume Fx 1.0 have a Good Internal Adaptive grid function .. I would suggest put a Big grid but be sure u are either :

1- killing ur fluid when its unused ( Dissipation , Source with Negavtive Temperature , Fuel , and Density that are Folowing the out of camera grid portion )

2- Script that Shrinks the Grid and\ or modifies the velocity Treshold of each Voxels etc..etc...
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OK, thanks for the pointers.



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