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Support on production issues
hi everyone,

i'd like to introduce to u cgfluids.com.

Go there if u need help in all kinds of questions concering everyday work with FumeFX. Experienced vfx artists are there to help u out, when u need assistance. In the future, u'll also find free tutorials.

cheers roman
VFX TD rsfx.de
CG Supervisor @ ScanlineVFX Munich
Please be sure to Get the Proper Number from Turbosquid so we can validate the user legit as we are planning to give a deep support with scene debugging and lots of work methodologies will be shared.. For legit Users only hopefully Smile

<!-- w --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.cgfluids.com">http://www.cgfluids.com</a><!-- w -->
Yo Rif,

how about those of us that bought directly from Afterworks?

see u at Cafe in January! Big Grin
Those of u That bough directly from Afterworks can Contact Kreso and Ask him an Id for Cgfluids..

Sam Register ur name dude ! Big Grin
<!-- w --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.cgfluids.com">http://www.cgfluids.com</a><!-- w -->
Heh, I did not notice I was unnamed.

Yep its Sam

I have an account here threw Blur that uses my regular email address,
have to get that switched to my new account as I quit Blur.

cant register my name till I get that sorted.


ah dude you left blur? sucks man, prolly good to move on Wink
email me your email address mate so we can stay in touch! great hanging out with you during the GD crunch Wink


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