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FumeFX 6.0 for Cinema 4D Released
June 10th 2024 - FumeFX 6 for Cinema 4D has been released today and it's packed with new features that will empower you to create mind-blowing cinematic explosions and dynamic simulations like never before. Unlock unparalleled creativity, realism, and control over your simulations with FumeFX 6!

Explosion Preprocess Option
Are you aiming for that Hollywood-level explosion in your scenes? Look no further! With the new Explosion Preprocess option, you have the ultimate tool for advanced shading and rendering of cinematic explosions, seamlessly integrated with the Arnold renderer. Elevate your explosions to a whole new dimension of realism and visual impact.

[Image: ExplosionPreprocess.jpg]
FumeFX 6 Explosion Preprocess and Arnold Renderer

Pyro Vorticity for Enhanced Detail
Dive into the world of intricate details with the new Pyro Vorticity feature. Add a mesmerizing variety of details to flow interiors and flow boundaries, be it fire or smoke. Watch your simulations transform into dynamic pyroclustic flows, complete with an abundance of fine details that will leave your audience in awe.

[Image: FumeFX600PyroVort.jpg]
FumeFX 6 Pyro Vorticity

Surface Breaker
Want to add that extra oomph to your simulations? Say hello to the Surface Breaker. Effortlessly incorporate medium-sized details or introduce captivating surface disturbances within homogenous flows.

Pressure Inject
Simple source and Geom source now have the capability to directly add pressure to your FumeFX simulation. Craft explosions that send shockwaves through your scenes or create areas of low and high pressure. Watch fluid responding dynamically to pressure gradient.

Adaptive Grid Mastery
Achieve improved control over your simulations with FumeFX's Adaptive Grid attributes. Now, you can tailor your grid expansion by velocity and added pressure, all while retaining the option to disable adaptive grid contraction.

Added support for Cinema 4D 2024 and Arnold

Best regards,
Kresimir Tkalcec
Best regards,
Kresimir Tkalcec

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