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FumeFX 6.1.5 [max] update

FumeFX 6.1.5 update has been released today and new features include:

- The FFX Burn modifier has undergone a name change to FFX Vertex Test, bringing with it advanced features and performance enhancements. In addition to modifying the vertex color channel, it now has the ability to write to the vertex selection weights channel. New functionality also enables the use of particles and scene objects to adjust vertex channels based on proximity. Alongside its existing capabilities to access FumeFX fire/smoke/temperature channels, this revamped modifier allows for a whole new range of effects.
- Added Particle Skin modifier that supports NodeWorks particle system and groups.
- FFX Vertex Paint modifier becomes FFX Velocity Paint with added paint radius option.

More information at:
Best regards,
Kresimir Tkalcec

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