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About temperature units
Hello everyone.
What are the units of temperature in FumeFx?
I always thought the unit was Kelvin, but I guess not?

the temperature units in FumeFX are in Celsius unless otherwise noted that they are in Kelvin.
You can see (K) as on the screenshot below where temperature is in Kelvin.
DoKorak, thank you for your response.

I guess I have been mistaken until now. The temperature of Source is 300, the same as PhoenixFD, so I guess I assumed it was in Kelvin as well.
BTW, I couldn't see any explanation of the units of temperature on the following page, is it mentioned anywhere: http://docs.afterworks.com/FumeFX5max/F ... oc25847235
Are Geometry Source tempratures in Celsius as well, or are the units of temperature in Celsius?

Thank you.

Temperature of sources is 300C and surrounding is set to 0C and this difference is all that matters for buoynacy.
It would be the same as having 300K source and 0K ambient temp.
So, from the buoyancy standpoint - it's practically the same if it's 300C or 300K as long as ambient is 0.

..although, from the physical point of view - 0K is absolute zero and not present anywhere is the Universe, so I
hope they're using some more appropriate surrounding temp like 273.15K with is 0C. In that case,
buoyancy in PhoenixFD would be about 10 times weaker than in FumeFX.
Phoenix (300 - 275.15) vs FumeFX (300 - 0).
In real world a source with temperature of 300K wouldn't cause any buyancy as this is very close to room temperature.

Best regards,
Kresimir Tkalcec
Hello Kresimir.

I understand.
Thank you for your kind reply.
You're welcome!

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