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fume FX GPU viewport display , c4d r21 redshift
hey guys,

I noticed a weird behaviour.
the fumefx gpu preview is completely different depending on the scale, see attachment.

I have been struggling to get my sim right because the smoke looks faded out in the preview but is completely opaque black in the render, like 99% different. So you never know what you get. Particular since a grid size decrease for a higher quality completely changes when smoke is dissipated and compared to the dissipation setting I use when using a lowres preview grid.

So you have no idea to what to adjust the dissipation strength unless you actually run the sim multiple times over a few days until you are lucky.

Now if the GPU preview would be trustworthy this would help a lot, but the preview seems to be really HQ for only gigantic sizes at least with my current settings.

If you are changing Fume grid scale you will need to adjust FumeFX parameters in FumeFX render tab (like smoke density or fire intensity).

Regarding GPU preview difference and RedShift rendered image there is difference because RedShift uses different parameters.
Our GPU preview should be taken just as a guideline which sometimes may differ from output render result.

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