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MAX 2020: VRay Next / Illumination Map / Global Lightning Prep - Crashes Max
Hi all,

lately i get a lot Max-Freezes and Crashes rendering a quite lowres Fume Sim with just a DirectSpot (VRayShadow or Raytraced). Crashes/Freeze are quite random while using the illumination Map. Sometimes its fine and then it freezes on different frames. Turning Illu Map off seems to
render but then later after hours rendering a whole animation 150 frames it freezes also. nightmare.

I think it has to do with shadows in the Lightcalculation. Turning them off seems to render. But no shadows. no solution. Smile
I then used VRaySun to make VRay help feel more comfi. but rendered some random frames and hey i got to an error message that i love to
share with you and hope that helps.

I hope anybody has experienced same problems? Is there any config i have to think about when rendering fumefx with vray?
Is my sim corrupt? During the last 2 years i had no probs with fume using the same workflow.
I used VRay Matte Properties through the VRay properties.

Thank you, René


FumeFX 5.1 was compiled with VRay 5 but illumination map is still not supported (it's not available for any other renderer than Scanline), so FFX 5.1 and VR 5 with might be more stable. For the seamles renderer integration we have Scanline, Arnold and Redshift support.

We wish that VRay has volume material like all other renderers out there and an SDK that would support easy integration.

Kresimir Tkalcec

thanks for the support! Ok now i got it. I did not notice that there is no support in vray for the illumap.
Sometimes it did work. weird.
Ok that´s kind of sad. For this project now i used your great converter tool and wrote vdb caches
to feed the vrayvolumegrid. In future i think i will use arnold to skip this. may vray open up to get
it done.

I did also convert all assets to render in scanline but in my case i had some IES illuminating
the smoke quite nicely. Couldnt get it to work in scanline.
May there anybody have an idea?


Greets from cologne and stay healthy,

IES Light is a VRay light if I'm right and thus you cannot use it with Scanline properly.

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