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WT sim high ram crash
max crashes just after this screen cap. during wt sim. known issue?
specs: using fumefx 4.1.2
3ds max 2019
dual oct-core, 192GB ram, 32 threads
Hey Kresimir,

Continuing this thread here from FB. Am simming 2nd night of WT continue data at less WT detail per your suggestion. Will see what happens
Hello !

Please let me know what you find.
I hope it'll get through.

Kresimir Tkalcec
Hi Kresimir,

It still crashes right after frame 116 even at lower wt detail, hence less ram usage. For this project, I'll just have to live with throwing an optical retime curve on it. Not sure what's happening and my checklist of things to try would have to be 1 try per 3 nights, so I guess I'm out of options. One thing is the file makes heavy use of multiple effectors, but they are all set up to reduce velocities as time goes on, so not clear on the high-velocity symptom.
Hi Kresimir,

I think I've found something. I've noticed from the cache filedates, and hence recall, that I had stopped my default sim and continued it the next day at the same frame that it's crashing on during wt rendering. Possible with v4.x that something created a bug in the cache at the start/stop point that would cause it to have weird data in the first continued sim frame?

So to recap:
--default simmed from 1-116, stopped it properly in morning
--next evening, continued default sim up to around 250
--then ran wt simm over the course of several nights, starting and stopping
--then when rendering it always crashes at frame 116 of the wt cache, which was a stopping point for the default cache.

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