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sim with color channel, how to alter post-sim
I'm almost sure I had this working at one time, however am not readily seeing a solution. Is this possible? To sim with color channel data but then aler it at render time in the shader. For example simming with a color gradient of black to white but then change the shader to render it as red to green. Thanks!
Wouldn't it be easier to just alter the colors in post via an image editor since its just a simple color replacement? Usually if i want to do these sort of things in the sim itself its because adding it into the sim would yield different results that couldn't be achieved by a post process, such as mixing 2 colors to yield a 3rd color.
Thx for the suggestion. This is normally how I'd do it, however would still be great to know if it's possible for those times where I'd want to get all the color variation 'in render' so to speak. Normally I'd render an RGB beauty pass and have hue control in post. Thanks!

At thi point it is not possible to remap color in such a way.

Thank you.

Kresimir Tkalcec

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