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sim run/stop button should not be the same button
I've destroyed a lot of sim time accidentally clicking the 'stop' button twice and having a sim start over. This should really be 2 separate buttons - like the older v4 style. Expounding..

You want to stop a sim but the machine resources are tied up during one of the sim processes - so you click stop - you see no message in the sim window - so you keep clicking until you can 'squeeze' a stop command in there. Blam, it caught it 2x and your sim starts over, blowing away your continue data :/ Sure I can set it to save snapshots, but sometimes those are very large and not needed.

Please make this 2 separate buttons like it used to be. Or add an 'are you sure', though I'd prefer the former. I know there's a read-only button, but that doesn't resolve this issue during the RnD phase because you'll have that off while you're tweaking a sim and overwriting it.


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