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Collision objects not containing smoke
In beta 2, I tried to have Fumefx smoke run through a closed channel with a variety of diameter changes. I was using a simple emitter with the box option. The closed channel mesh was like a tube, though closed at one end. It also has thickness and is water-tight. The normals are oriented correctly.

Sadly, the smoke just goes through it as if it is not even there, even though the fumefx collider tag was applied to the channnel mesh.
I just tried the same thing with TurbulenceFD and the container worked just fine, so it would seem to be a bug in FumeFX

could you please attach scene?

Thank you,
maybe you missed to add the object with collider tag to fume fx container -> objects/soures ?

works fine for me after I discovered that I have to use shell on the collider if I use a source inside that collider, as a solid it won´t emit at all...
Windows: Version 1809 Build 17763.557
Cinema4D Version:R 20.059
CPU: AMD Threadripper 1950x
GPU: Nvidia RTX 2080
GPU Version: 419.67
It's confidential, but I will try and recreate the situation in something I can provide. It will have to wait til tomorrow, however.

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