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inconsistent mesh = crash?
Hi, I saved out an dissolving volume (meshed [hi res]) as an alembic and reimported it to use it as an object emitter in fume.
the polycount is of course inconsistent but fume should handle this afaik. anyway, its always crashing...

any ideas?

bests, oskar.
okay, i can confirm it now. i could replicate the crash with a primitve cube changing polycount rapidly.

is this a bug or do i need to crank up some settings?
i had a same experience with a vdb-voume-based mesh, cached and reimported as a alembic-mesh (inconsisten polycount). the mesh was only a low-poly-proxycollider object, which replaces the original collider mesh, which had a consistent polycount. but i includes i think too small structures, so fumefx does not recognized this mesh as collider.
for that reason i tried this workflow with a quit bigger alembic-polyproxy-colliderobject, but at the moment where the fumefx-fluid had the first contact with the alembic-file c4d crashes completely.
unfortunately i deleted the scenfile so i cant share it.
but the issue is quite simple to reproduce:
create a mesh with inconsisten polycount and use this as funefx-objectcollider. the result is in case always a hard crash.
c4d r20.056
win 10 64bit.
64 gb ram
4xgeforce rtx2080 ti
intel i7 6900k

can you please try reproducing this in Beta 3?

Thank you,

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