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Cinema 4D R20 and Octane v4
Did some simple tests and everything is working fine, i will update this topic if i found any bug or issues on some bigger projects Smile

Still no bugs found, wuold be really nice and time saving if the octane object tag wuold work if applied on the fumefx box like tfd...

We're connected with Octane for Cinema 4D developers and they've working on the FumeFX integration.
Hopefully Octane will get the FumeFX support very soon.
Hey guys , noob question how do you render Fume FX in Octane?
Octane object tag does not display particle rendering option like TFD does for example.
Do i need to export vdb first?
Short answer is yes you need to export vdb then import it into a octane volume.
But I couldn't export vdb properly yet. Octane volume doesn't recognize my vdb animation sequence. There's some tricky part about grid and file names that I need to figure out. Some help from anyone succeed on this will be appreciated.
The Octane volume object requires the amount of digits used in the name, along with the start and and frames. Without this information, Octane will not properly see the volume. The volume object will immediately give you feedback, so it is easy to dial in this information with the OS file window visible.

There is some offset issue with Octane and volumes (Xplosia requires a negative scale value in Z and I think that Fume might need to be rotated 90 degrees as you would for Redshift, but I am not positive about that just yet.)

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