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Memory problem
this is so beautiful, first I thought it is slow but soon realized it's your technique that counts, it is fast for a beta even though it has some minor bugs others have mentioned. anyway, i keep getting memory build up every time I start different scene for testing purpose but this did not happen with 3ds max, it takes care of itself. maybe I'am doing something wrong , otherwise I have to restart c4d to keep the memory low.
Big Thanks To All, Kind Regards
Hello Kate,

Thank you for your report.
Could you please check this for us? When you open task manager, do you see memory build up every time after you finish the simulation, so let's say, after the 5th simulation has ended there is less available memory than when you've simmed the first one ?
Thanks for the reply, that is correct (memory build up every time after you finish the simulation), I left the task task manager open and start the
simulation, after the first sim the memory jumped up to 35%, the second sim went to 47%. third sim jumped up to 62% and up... this was just for
a 70 frame basic scene. But after saving the scene and restarting c4d, the memory goes back to normal until I start the same or different scene
the memory starts to jump again.
Kind Regards

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