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FumeFX Animation, rendered in Redshift
HI, I'm looking for some advice from those who have managed to get farther along with FumeFX than I have. The animation in the link shows promise, but I am having a difficult time art directing the flow of the steam. Essentially, I would like the steam to swirl around the burger, instead of rising straight up. I have tried turbulence, but that seems to add detail to the steam, as opposed to actually move the steam around.'

The set up is simple: I have a torus as a hidden emitter from the same area as the burger patty (more or less), and my settings are pretty close to the cigarette tutorial -- making blind changes hoping for the swirling look.

I haven't gotten into FumeFX effectors yet, and was hoping that Cinema's particle effectors could come into play. If I was using TP instead of just a temperature emitter, I suppose that those effectors would work, but they do not seem to just on their own. I have even tried adding them to the particle source, but I am not having success.

Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!

https://www.dropbox.com/s/u6amgyncgbs7a ... _.mp4?dl=0

Still playing with densities and the like...

To add swirls you could use c4d wind force, but set strength to a very lowe number like 0.001.
If using FumeFX internal turbulence, you'd need to set scale to some large number - try to set the scale similar to the burger radius and frames to 40.
It might also be good to set turbulence strength higher alond one axis (wind direction).

You can post a scene so we can play with it and return it with changes.
Thank you, your suggestions were very helpful and I am rather close to what I was hoping to get.

Is there a way to "fade" the sim near the origin directly, or do I have to do some masking and AOV tricks to make that happen? I would really like a gradient to drive the visibility of the volume.
Here is the final animation:


I suppose I could take it farther, but this little exercise has served its purpose. I may swing back around to improve the shaders at some point, but its done for now.
Looks nice!
Thanks for sharing.

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