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Arnold VDB
If i export as VDB how do i use it in Arnold?

You don't need to export to vdb as FumeFX can render it directly.
However, if you export to vdb, then you must use Arnold Volume Grid.
FumeFx Doesn't render directly on my Arnold I've Posted ABout it(But no answer), I'm using Arnold v2.5.2.1 (Arnold
C4D R20.059..Back to the VDB stuff...Please Which grids should i export and what channels to put in arnold volume shader..Thank you
I'm using Arnold v2.5.2.1 (Arnold and C4D R20
FumeFx Doesn't render directly on my Arnold
I would also like to get an answer how to solve our problem

It seems that translator was changed and we had to rebuild with to make it render.
This fix will be available in beta2.

Thank you.
Thank you for your response..when will beta2 be released please?
We plan to have all reported bugs sorted out by the of then next week.
For all the beta testers that are active on the forum beta license will be extended.
Thank you all for helping us to make FumeFX ready for Cinema 4D!

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