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Bug (?) Substeps only for Smoke, not for Color + Temp
In this scene I emit from some fast moving Particles.

When i simulate with default settings (substeps = 1) and emit from the particle source (Thinking Particles), it seems that the Density/Smoke channel will interpolate between the particles position, while Color & Temperature won't.
So you see a black trail (interpolated or with substeps) for the smoke, and single yellow/purple "blobs" for temperature and color.

It would be great if all channels would be interpolated between fast moving particles without having to increase the substeps.

The Cinema4D-file is attached.

Thank you for the bug report - we've found the bug and will solve it for beta 2.
For now, keep the Velocity value at 1 for the FumeFX Particle Source (in the scene it's 0).
Hi, it seems like this has not changed in Beta-2, the simulation looks just like before in Beta-1.

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