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vray volumeGrid jittering position
I'm doing some fumefx sims with the new fumefx 5.0 outputting .vdbs and the volume grid container appears to be jumping around a few units randomly when it resizes. I'm on 2018.4 and V-Ray for Maya version 3.60.05, revision 28565. I also tried 2017.5 and V-Ray for Maya version 3.60.04, revision 28087. I loaded up an old sim we have from the previous version of fumefx 4.1.1 and it doesn't appear to have the issue.

I also tried converting them from ffx to vdb using the 0.36 version of ffxconvert and they have the same issue.

edit: I'm outputting the new sim from the 4.1.1 version now to double check that it's ok.

edit2: yeah, I went back and ran the same sim and it doesn't seem to have the issue. I did notice that the new version 5.0 .vdbs come in to the volume grid flipped -90 in x, doubt that's related, but who knows...
This has been fixed in the new VRay next for Maya in case anyone else runs into the same issue.

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