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Proposal for default FumeFX.ini path change
It is often difficult for a customer with a security-critical company to give administrator privileges to 3dsMax.exe in order to write to below C:\Program Files\.

Please consider changing the default FumeFX.ini location from under "C:\Program Files\" to "C:\ProgramData\AfterWorks\FumeFX for [3dsMax version]\" or 3DApp Config folder etc. for future updates.

For manners of programs, fumefx.ini should be set as a place where users can write.

I am aware that there is an environment variable FUMEFX_INI. It is a suggestion of default setting.
OakCorp [Sitni Sati Reseller of japan]
Yuji Yamauchi
Core i7 - 16GB/ Windows 10 -64bit / Geforce 1080

Thank you for your suggestion.
We have added this on a to do list and will definitaly change the default .ini file location.

Best regards,
Kresimir Tkalcec

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