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fume5 - wavelet+retime, ram usage
Just wondering if this will use 2x as much ram as WT alone.

I think in v4, retiming pass always required about 2x the ram for my sims, so anything a given node could WT sim would need about half the ram reserved if I was planning on doing a final RT pass on it. It's great that WT+RT can be done in one step in fume5 - just curious if ram usage is still double with RT active or if somehow the sim engine only needs close to the same ram needs as the WT process.


With WT + retime the memory usage could be lower than the ordinary retiming (depends on the grid detail scale factor). This kind of retiming produces nice smooth retimed caches, but introduces more dissipation.
It is useful for moving sources and fire.

Kresimir Tkalcec
I understand - alrighty, thanks Kresimir! I'll give it a go on some explosions to see what I get on the smoke.
You're welcome!

Kresimir Tkalcec

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