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Fumefx Crashes Scenes w. VDB
When stopping a fumefx simulation that is set to simulate vdb caches, maya crashes and you are unable to open that scene again in maya 2018. I've tested this in a clean scene with nothing than a simple source. It works fine when chaching fxd files, but if you simulate vdb it crashes if you decide to stop the simulation.

software versions:
Maya 2018
FumeFx 4.1.1
I have done further testing, and it appears that when loading a scene in maya 2018 which contains a FumeFX grid with VDB caches in it, the scene crashes. Is this something that you can confirm is happening with your build?

I'm still using FumeFX 4.1.1 in Linux
Hello Asger,

Thank you very much for the bug report - we will look into this problem.

Best regards,

Kresimir Tkalcec
Any news on this? I'm having the same problem...Centos 6.9

We are working on FumeFX 5.0 for Maya and it will be solved for the release.

Kresimir Tkalcec

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