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BackBurner scripting

I am attempting to create a script to setup and check attributes before a fume sim is submitted to the farm. I am getting hung up on the back burner button.

I am using
ffxBurnMe "fumeFXShape1";
I usually use python but it only seems possible in MEL

It works but it turns it on and off, there is no boolean involved (0 or 1) so if I already have it on it turns it off and if I have it off it turns it on. The idea is that no matter what it turns on and stays on even if the script it used again and again.

I couldn't find anything in fumeFXcmd or fumeFX, I was only able to get info on ffxBurnMe by using echo all commands



You can use:
cmds.setAttr( 'fumeFXShape1.backBurnerFlag', False )
to set backburner flag, and getValue of the same attribute to get it's value.

Hope this solves the problem.
Dino Malpera
Hi Dino,

That is 100% what I am looking for. Thank you!

I should have known a setAttr was the way to go but didn't know how fume handled the backburner mode since it wasn't echoed that way.

Thanks again!
No problem at all.
Feel free to post any questions you might have.
Dino Malpera

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