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Storm Clouds in Maya?
Hi guys,

Two questions on Storm clouds:

1) I've noticed that many clouds have a smooth underside and a 'volatile' upper part:
[Image: DSC_3040-wide-cloud2.jpg]
Has anyone worked out a good way to simulate this so it looks natural? I've tried building it through an object source tied to a mesh that is rough on top but smooth on the bottom, but I'm not satisfied.

2) Some storm clouds have coloring that is very dark/opaque in a specific region. This clouds in this image are very dark along the upper-left edge. The darkness fades out towards the center of the cloud. The other edges to do not have this characteristic:

[Image: storm_clouds_illuminated_by_lightning_by...6d1x6g.jpg]

I am saving out my Fume clouds as VDB and rendering with Arnold...any thoughts on how to shade the VDP so it has this 'darkened region' characteristic?

Thank you for any insights :VOPI :VOPI

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