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how to i get Normalpass in NormalPass?
hi guys. i just want to Normal Render Pass

im rendered with mental-ray.

if i get some more pass. it's really nice when i composite.

plz let me know how to or if it's not support then tellme some tip .

thank you.

i attach my works.
anybody help me Sad

There is no normal pass for the FumeFX.

Kresimir Tkalcec
2 ways around this.

Make fake normals using lights like this (yes this is in Max but same concept)



Sim to vdb and use vray volume grid to create normals (it's also possible to sue motion blur and get zdepth with this too!!!!)

Unfortunately we have to create our own passes since it's not supported for some reason. You can make fake temp passes, seperate fire/smoke all through render layers and color changes. All manually of course

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